2013 August 12 Meeting Minutes

Wacouta Town Board Meeting
August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013 Meeting
Present: Sue Betcher, Mickey Payn, Kyle Mehrkens
Others: Tom Dwelle, Jill Mehrkens, Jim (Florence Township), Fred Plaas (arrived 7:45pm)

Sue called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sue motions to approve the agenda with the addition of September Meeting date. Mickey Seconds. Motion carries.

Declaration of Conflicts

July 8th Minutes
Sue motions to accept July 8th minutes as written. Mickey seconds.

Florence Township Looking for Support for the Sand Mining
Jim says they believe article 14 is not strong enough for the Save the Bluffs group.

Sue says Gary Iocco and her have spoken, and she lets Jim know that they are looking to say that Wacouta Township would be interested in being involved in the overlay commission.

Sue says we would also have our planning commission look at the highway 61 dangers of turning off and not adding more turn offs to increase the chance of accidents.

We would have nothing in preparation by the next Monday meeting, but we could be a recommendation for the following meeting.

Mickey asks Jim if there is a database that has information on number of trucks. Jim says there is information on the washing, loading and number of trucks.

Mickey says we don?t think mining is an issue to the township, but certainly the industrial locations are, Monson location, Kenyon Block company.

Sue says that Wacouta township would have to prove why the overlay district would be in Wacouta rather than Belvedeer by arguing the scenic route?.etc.

Sue motions to the board authorizes the sue to speak on behalf of Wacouta township, great river road, and safety and hwy 61. Sand mining and processing. Mickey seconds.

Sue motions to have the planning commission look at the maps.

Fred Plaas would like the planning commission to look at the setbacks.

Mickey motions to add the footprint issue. Motion carries.

Sue to send Gary an email on dates for the planning commission.

Jim leaves at 7:20.

HBC Fiber
Tom Dwelle is asking for permission to use town hall for HBC to give a chance for residents to ask questions on new HBC service.


Mr. Dick Johnson?s letter about challenging construction crew and foreman. Tom says he asked Dick if he wanted service or not. Dick changed his mind on his complaints because he did want service. His letter is in the township records.

Township Picnic

Jill Mehrkens says they are looking to offer trolley rides along the trail. The cost would be split between the township and friends of Wacouta. It is $280 an hour. The trolley needs an 11 foot clearance.

She would like to send a postcard with the township mailing list with the information.

Sue motions to authorize Jill to contact John Lane to get a quote for tree trimming and spend up to $1,000 to get the trail ready for the township picnic. Motion carries.

Kari Kelly from Land Use Management
Fred says we do require permits for roofing and significant work. It also depends on total amount of project. Roofing does require a permit, but not new furnace and other mechanical devices.

Alan Laumeyer maps
Alan has printed new maps that include the township right-aways, and Sue has them. These will be available in the town hall.

Reese?s Attorney, Paul Zeig
Sue motions to have Adam Lodermeier review the drainage and liability, Mickey seconds. Motion carries.

We don?t want to increase township liability. Mickey will talk to Adam Lodermeier at Gorman?s office.

Tree Trimming
Fred Plaas says the trees need to be trimmed on lakeview avenue and gradient lane for service trucks to get through.

With respect to trimming, Fred will also give Jill Mehrkens a call for trimming for the trolley rides at the picnic.

September Meeting Change
Moved to September 16, 7pm. Sue motions, Mickey Seconds, motion carries.

Pay Bills
Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Mickey to approve paying bills and payroll on August 12, 2013 in the amount of $ 24,125.41 as presented. The motion carries.

Treasurer?s Report
Sue and Mickey reviewed reconciliations and check detail reports.

Sue motions to adjourn meeting at 8:30pm. Mickey seconds. Motion carries.


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