2013 December 02 Meeting Minutes

Township of Wacouta – Monthly Board Meeting

December 02, 201

Present: Sue Betcher, Mickey Payne, Gary Thomforde, Kyle Mehrkens
Others: Wendy Thomforde, Suzanne Simonson, Fred Plaas, Mr. Falconer, Charlie Reese, Cyndi Reese, Tracy Gadient.

Sue called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Sue motions to approve the agenda with the addition of;

1.Add election under new business

2.Letter from auditor under new business

3.Reese Plat move to new business

4.Budgeting under new business

5.Meeting Dates for January under new business

6.Designated attorney discussion for township under new business

7.Tree trimming under old business

8.Sue motions, Gary seconded.

Mickey Seconds. Motion carries.


November 12th Minutes

Sue motions to accept November 12th minutes as written with the following corrections;

  1. Page 1
  2. Page 2
  3. Page 3
    1. Sue motions to clarify Andru Peters is chairing the idea and one option is going through lower Wacouta.
    2. Sue motions to accept Mickey?s changes to the footprint section. Gary seconds. Motion carries.
    3. Sue motions to make changes to Musty Barnhart?s section.
    1. Sue motions to add comment to Dick?s filing.
    2. Sue motions to change the word working law.
    1. Sue motions to add county landuse word.
    2. Sue motions to add oversight word.
    3. Sue motions to cross out sentence about commission.


Sue motions to accept the minutes with the corrections. Mickey seconds. Motion carries.

Declaration of Conflicts


Reese Replatting
Sue states that she spoke with Mike Wozniak and asked why the county thinks Reese?s needs a variance.

Charlie says the former township board has said it was more of a shoreland over distract issue rather than a township issue.

Charlie asks the board if they agree that his replatting is in need of a variance with the township.

Sue shows Charlie the section of the county ordinance why they county requires a variance.

In 2011 the county denied the Reese variance.

Tracy asks Charlie what the variance request is for. Charlie clarifies using a map.

Charlie states that in the past it was traditionally signed off by the board and the County.

Kyle to make copies of the county public notice for the reese county variance to Tracy.

Charlie asks if the board can provide a letter for him to take to his County meeting on the 9th that states the township is holding meetings to discuss a township variance on the 9th.

Charlie and Cyndi leave at 7:45pm.

Zoning Issues (Dick Johnson and Musty building)
Sue reads Article 25, sec 1, sub 5 of the township ordinance to clarify what the township

If the township wants to defer to the county level variance

Sue motions to have the planning commission looking at keeping the part of the variance that is unique and abandoning the material that is the same as the county. Tracy says that would be a good idea.


Dick Johnson?s complaint (he thinks the musty lot requires a variance).
Dick is alleging a crime by the wacouta township officials.

Kyle sent material to MATIT and the township is waiting response on weather or not the township insurance will cover it.

The Goodhue county attorney forwarded the investigation on to Dakota county.

Dakota county may not have all the information yet and will want this meeting?s minutes.

Goodhue County Notice of Public Hearing
Save the Bluffs Zoning is on Thurs Dec 5th at 3:00pm.

Reese county variance hearing is on 9th.


Tree Trimming
Gary Thomforde asks how we notify residents that trees will be cut on their property to let emergency and utility vehicles get through.


Workers Compensation Renewal and Audit
Mickey to read through audit material.


Election in March
Sue talk to MATIT and County election official, because Kyle is not trained. Kyle to talk to Caroline Holmstead office about the process.

Kyle states he is starting a job in Minneapolis next week and will keep the township up to date on what he will be doing.


CPA Firm
Township received a letter from an auditor, and Sue called the state office and verified that the township is not in need of an audit until 2015.


Board of audit
Kyle needs to hold a board of audit after close of fiscal year and 1 week before the annual meeting. Kyle to read the 13-7 Manual on town government for rules. Kyle to provide annual budget spent by month.


2014 Meeting Schedule
Sue motions to hold regular board meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month. Gary seconds. Motions carries.


Wacouta Town Hall Bathroom
Fred to get the bathroom fixed.


Pay Bills
Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Mickey to approve paying bills and payroll on December 2nd, 2013 in the amount of $3,846.66 as presented. The motion carries.


Sue motions to recess the meeting after the special meeting on Friday December 13th at 6:45. Mickey seconds. Motions carries. @ 8:35pm.



Continuation of 12-2-13 Meeting.

Meeting called to order at 6:45 p.m.

Present: Sue Betcher, Gary Thomforde, Nancy Barth , Deputy Clerk (for Kyle Mehrkens, Clerk)

Meeting continued to discuss recent complaint from Richard Johnson. Emails from Matt, Minnesota Association of Townships legal team has advised that he believes we are covered but can?t confirm this until an actual claim is filed in the Richard Johnson/Wacouta Zoning Complaint relative to the Rick Musty, 31145 Lakeview Avenue adjacent property. This is referenced in 12-2-13 meeting minutes.

No township action for now. Township supervisors to consider obtaining legal representation from a local attorney. We currently do not have an attorney on staff for township business.

Also of note, January 14, 2014 is final filing date for Treasurer/Clerk position will be vacated by Kyle Mehrkens in March. Sue Betcher and Gary Thomforde are seeking individual(s) willing to take over this position.

Motion to adjourn by Sue Betcher, second by Gary Thomforde at 7:30 p.m.

Submitted by: Nancy Barth, Deputy Clerk (for Kyle Mehrkens, Clerk)




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