2013 February 11 Minutes

Wacouta Town Board Meeting
February 11, 2013
Feb 11 Meeting Minutes (Word doc.)

Feb 11, 2013 Meeting
Present: Sue Betcher, Ray Bronson, Kyle Mehrkens, Mickey Payne and Barbara Charlson
Others: Jerry Barth, Jennifer Beck, Suzanne Blue, Don Falk, Nancy Falk, Gary Iocco, Jennifer Lappegaard (Falk Attorney), Steve Stegora, and Bill Sweasy

Sue called the Feb 11, 2013 meeting to order at 7:05 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Mickey to approve the Agenda with the addition of 2013 Annual meeting mailing. The motion carried.

There were no Declarations of Conflicts.

Motion was made by Mickey and seconded by Sue to approve the Jan 14, 2013 minutes with no corrections. The motion carried.

Falk Summons Response

  1. Mickey and Ray verbally approved a letter prepared by Sue and addressed to Jennifer Lappegaard (Falk?s attorney) requesting additional time to consult a to-be-named Red Wing attorney.
  2. Jennifer agreed to work with the to-be-named attorney to verify there will be no alterations of current documents, no Township concerns over drainage easement, etc.
  3. Motion made by Sue and seconded by Ray that if approved by the Township attorney, provisional Board approval is given so the Falks can continue their legal action prior to the March 4, 2013 Township meeting. The motion carried.

March 12, 2013 Election and Annual Meeting

  1. Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Ray to approve the establishment of an Absentee Ballot Board and appointed Kyle Mehrkens and Barbara Charlson as Absentee Ballot Board election officials. The motion carried.
  2. Barbara will add historical levy page and reminders similar to 2012 mailing on Fred Plaas as Zoning Administrator, burning permits and Town Hall availability. Will also add Town Hall Improvements to the agenda.
  3. Ray will provide information on Town Hall improvements and preventive maintenance and Mickey on setting aside monies for future road repair for Sue to present at the Annual Meeting,
  4. Motion made by Sue and seconded by Mickey that Board Supervisors offer suggestions but give Barb the final authority to publish and mail handouts to Wacouta residents week of February 25th. The motion carried.

Treasurer?s Report

  1. Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Ray to pay bills and payroll on Feb 11, 2013 in the amount of $2,922.13 as presented. The motion carried.
  2. Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Mickey to accept Feb 11, 2013 Treasurer?s Report. The motion carried.


  1. In March Gary Iocco and other Planning & Zoning Administrators will have public meetings on the Wacouta flood plains ordinance.

Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Mickey to adjourn the Feb 11 meeting at 7:55 PM. The motion carried.


Barbara Charlson
Wacouta Township Clerk/Treasurer

Upcoming Dates*:

March 4 Mon Town Board Meeting at 7:00 PM
March 12 Tues Town Board Election at 5:00 ? 8:00 PM
March 12 Tues 2013 Annual Meeting at 8:15 PM
April 8 Mon Town Board Meeting at 7:00 PM
April 24 Wed Board of Equalization at 5:00 PM

*Meetings at the Wacouta Town Hall unless otherwise noted

Skype available on March 4 & March 12 at:

25120 Goldcrest Dr. #321, Bonita Springs FL 34134

485 Adelaide St, Brisbane Qld Australia

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