2013 July 8 Meeting Minutes

Wacouta Town Board Meeting
July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 Meeting
Present: Sue Betcher, Mickey Payne, Ray Bronson, Kyle Mehrkens

Sue called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance

Sue motions to approve the agenda with the addition of USG and Tax Levy.

There were no Declarations of Conflicts.

June 13th Minutes
Sue motions to accept June 13th minutes as written. Ray seconds.

Graner?s Streetlight
Sue called Xcel and left a message with the right group and they returned her call saying it is now resolved.

County Crack sealing / Road Trip
Ray rode with John Schuller and John says there are no changes from last year. The roads are drying out, getting older, but no big projects are needed at this time. Ray says Kaffitz road needs sealing, which is a $25,000 job, and since it is a good road, we should keep it a higher priority, unless the funds need to be used for emergency road fixes.

Ray says County used up all the crack seal this year, and if we can guarantee a certain amount, they will order more crack seal to do our projects.

Ray says he and John looked at cracks and they are really holding together well.

John suggests that we get Sentence to Serve to come and trim trees that hang over the township roads. Ray motions to have Sentence to Serve to come and trim the over-hang, Sue seconds. Motion carries. Sue suggests that we have them trim the trees in the cemetery as well.

Ray spoke with John about letting USG use their rock to lie on the road. USG has sent a letter MPCA (MN pollution control agency) and John thinks it is a good idea. We would have Flueger Construction lay down the rock USG provides. Sue mentions we would like it to be done before next spring.

Tax Levy
Move $27,869.41 into road and bridge savings account that is owed from General Checking from 2012 Tax Levies.

For the 2013 Road and Bridges Tax Levies, $32,555, deposit $12,500 into R&B savings and the rest into R&B Checking. Mickey motions, Ray seconds, motion carries.

Stacy Bystrom Yard Barn
She should talk with Fred because depending on size, it may need a permit.

Goodhue County Land Use Meeting
The planning and advisory commission PAC is meeting on Jul. 15th to extend the Frac sand moratorium. Refer to handout for more specifics.

The State Demographic Center
April 1, 2012 Population Estimate of 390. April 1, 2012 Household Estimate of 166.

HBC Fiber
Ray asked what the update is and there is nothing to report other than we see workers marking lines and fiber casing being laid down.

Group life. Barb removed, Kyle added. Sue signed.

Pay Bills
Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Mickey to approve paying bills and payroll on July 8, 2013 in the amount of $4,693.00 as presented. The motion carries.

Treasurer?s Report
Sue and Mickey reviewed reconciliations and check detail reports.

Sue motions to adjourn meeting at 7:54pm. Ray seconds. Motion carries.

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