2013 June 13 Meeting Minutes

Wacouta Town Board Meeting
June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013 Meeting
Present: Sue Betcher, Mickey Payne, Ray Bronson (phone), Kyle Mehrkens
Others: Fred Plaas, Jerry Barth, Alan Laumeyer, Mike Christensen.

Sue called the meeting to order at 7:11 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sue motions to approve the agenda with addition of Sweeping – Aslakson and rock wall USG. Mickey seconds.

There were no Declarations of Conflicts.

GIS Maps and Historical Project
Alan from the county is here from the GIS County for a presentation to follow up to his former presentation in April. Alan brought updated parcel maps of West and East Wacouta. Alan offers to update every 6 months to a year.

Alan also created a map and a booklet specifically for historical sites in Wacouta township on the interactive website produced by Goodhue County GIS. He is using old pictures and new pictures to compare sites for historical reasons on their interactive map. For more information on how to use the interactive map, the booklet is at the Town Hall, or see Alan at the County office.

Alan offers a new highway map of Goodhue County. Sue accepts.

Jerry says Nancy is going through Phil Revoir?s pictures right now for more contributions for the site. Catherine Johnson and Suzanne Blue are working with Nancy to find old pictures of Wacouta.

Alan says he can help provide parcel maps for help with a township discussion.

Sue asks Alan if the county could print maps for us, such as the cemetery map. Alan says she can bring it down to be printed.

Mike asks for the key for the Town Hall for their upcoming reservation. Kyle gives him the key.

Graner?s Streetlight
Sue will personally meet with the Graner?s about their streetlight issue and will contact Xcel together.

Seeding at Town Hall.
It has been seeded. No issues.

Waste management.
New pickup day. No issues.

County Crack sealing.
Ray to call John Schueller to see his schedule about going on a ride to check out cracks. .

Jerry Reinhardt Cemetary Question.
Sue has been in contact with Jerry. They have found out which lot she will use for Marilyn.

Goodhue County Land Use Meeting.
County board is meeting on Tuesday at 1pm on the Frac Sand mining ordinance. It is possible that they could extend the moratorium another year. Alan has maps that show where sand can be mined in accordance with current ordinances.

Town Hall reservations.
John Wooden would like to park cars at the town hall for a private party. Mickey says they should avoid parking on the new grass and wet grass. Fred offers his fences to barricade off the new town hall grass. Sue says her husband Steve has fence posts. Sue calls Steve but no answer. Kyle to let John know he can?t park on the new grass.

Kyle says the website has a Google calendar with the updated town hall reservations and town board meetings.

Peregrine Falcon Presentation
Kyle to put up the Peregrine Falcons flyer online for the 6/19 presentation @ 7pm at the Town hall.

The State Demographic Center
Center has put out household estimates and has asked to not release them until July 15th. Anyone wanting to know these numbers before then can contact the Township.

MN. Assoc. Townships Officer List.
Kyle states that he sent in the Officer list for the county and that the Association needs their own copy. Sue, Mickey and Kyle signed it. Ray to sign when he returns. Kyle to mail in.

MN Assoc. Townships Membership Cards
Officer cards are distributed. One is left for Ray. Kyle to give Ray his card.

MN Short courses. MN Assoc. of Townships Short Courses
Deadline for classes was June 12th. Mickey asks if anyone is missing training. Sue and Ray must do their board of equalization training next year.

HBC Fiber
Sue asks Mike if he thinks HBC would give a government discount if we were to get fiber at the town hall. Mike doesn?t know.

Mike says they are going down to Green?s Point but not Presbyterian point at this time. Mike says they may turn on access by early July and fiber will be much faster than DSL.

Mickey asks if we have to issue a permit for HBC to bury fiber. Fred says yes and that he has already issued the permit.

Sue suggests we should look into having HBC lay fiber up to the town hall just so it is buried.

MN Pera Admin Authorization
Sue signs Kyle?s MN Pera authorization for monthly Pera reports, since Barb had access but is no longer here to submit them.

May 13th Minutes
Sue motions to accept May 13th minutes as written. Mickey seconds.

Ray speaks about USG. USG has lost a big customer and that is the reason for their shrinking tax base for Wacouta Township. They will ask the corporate office to help pay for the Sevastopol road south maintenance. USG offers to use up their granite to lay down on the road, Ray says they will have to check with the State and EPA if granite is allowed to be used as the road?s base. Ray says he will call them back letting them know we?d like to explore that idea.

Aslakson Sweeping
They came back out to sweep again after they saw how the sand wasn?t picked up very well this year. Ray thinks we had so much more sand laid down this year, so that is why we had to have them come back twice. Sue says our lawn care service, J & D, mentioned they are looking into buying a sweeper, so we should keep them in mind for next year.

Fred mentions that Sevastopol north doesn?t even look like it has been done. He is just stating for the board to know.

Fred raises the question why sand can?t be swept off instead of sucked up at some locations. Mickey says he thinks there is a state or county ordinance that limits what can be swept off the roads.

Ray leaves the meeting.

Pay Bills
Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Mickey to approve paying bills and payroll on June 13, 2013 in the amount of $17,821.18 as presented. The motion carries.

Treasurer?s Report
Sue and Mickey reviewed reconciliations and check detail reports.

Sue motions to adjourn meeting at 8:34pm. Mickey seconds. Motion carries.


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