2013 May 13 Minutes

Wacouta Town Board Meeting
May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 Meeting

Present: Sue Betcher, Mickey Payne, Ray Bronson, Kyle Mehrkens
Others: Gary and Wendy Thomforde, Suzanne Simonson

Sue called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Ray to approve the agenda.
There were no Declarations of Conflicts.

John Lang, from Lake City Tree will clean up cemetery. Fred has already done a lot and John will take care of the rest. There is also the tree by the cemetery about to fall down over the road that John will look at.

Sue called JD Lawn Care about preparing the cemetery for Memorial Day and also asked about leveling services for the lawn between Townhall and Cemetery.

Sevastapol Road South.
Ray will talk with city about the bill.

Tree down across from Wacouta Motors.
Board decided to wait.

Mickey to talk to Barney for Seeding Grass at Town Hall.

Sue called Justin Montegomery about caring for lawn at townhall and cemetery prior to Memorial day. Justin confirmed to come on Wednesday, May 15th.

Justin can level grass area but will give a separate bid on leveling the grass near the Town Hall. Sue gave Justin her cell number in case Justin wants to get in touch with her.

Road Meeting

Roads have been swept. Bill is coming and we will check against bid from Aslakson.

Crack filling. Mickey suggests to call John Schueller. Ray will setup meeting with John to go for a ride around and look at spots to fix.

Ray gave Barney permission to clean up tree debris that prohibited him from sweeping the roads.

Kyle to put Road Meeting on next Month?s Agenda.

Kyle to let Waste Management know they need to flyer the customers.

Meeting to resume Thursday at 7pm to go over finances.

Sue motions to recess meeting at 7:50pm until May 16th at 7pm to sign the bills. Ray seconds. Motion carries.

Meeting in recession until Thursday, May 16 at 7pm.


Kyle Mehrkens, Wacouta Township Clerk/Treasurer


Present: Sue Betcher, Mickey Payne, Ray Bronson, Kyle Mehrkens
Others: Justin Montgomery, Laura Lutjen, Fred Plaas

Sue motions to recommence the meeting at 7:00pm. Ray seconds. Motions carries.

Justin speaks about his Lawn Care services. Justin speaks about moles. Sue mentions to be careful of using poison because dogs dig up moles. Justin recommends traps. Mickey asks what Justin does with his cuttings. Mickey says he can create a compost by the chipper pile.

Regarding the lawn between the townhall and cemetery, Justin will put a bid together to level it out and put seed down to regrow the grass. We are trying to not bring in top soil. Justin says $250.

Sue motions to give Mickey power to accept or deny Justin?s bid since the board meets only once a month and we are trying to regrow grass during the growing season. Ray seconds. Motion carries. Mickey says if the price can come in within 10% of Justin?s $250 bid, Mickey will go forward with it.

Kyle to check with Nancy with on Fred?s check from 4/8/2013 in the amont of $1,725.00.

Aslakson Sand sweeping.
Ray says the sand wasn?t cleaned up well. Ray will call and let Aslakson know the sweeping wasn?t done well.

Justin states he is looking into investing into a sweeper and asks how to provide a bid for next spring.

Fred says he will try to keep better records for his services for next year because of the heavy storm this May spring required a lot of hours to clean up. He wants to make sure we can stay within our budget because it?s more than just trail maintenance and ditch mowing.

Kyle to check with MN State auditor about report due on 3/31.

Graner Protective Light
Graner is paying for it and doesn?t want it but Township wants it. Sue will call Xcel and let them know the Township wants it.

Warrington Quiet Title
County sent an informational letter the Township about a court date set for the Dec. 16th, 2013 9:00am.

Planning Advisory Commission
Board discusses notice. Sue will go to meeting.

Township needs copy of deed. Kyle to forward email to Sue. $50 rent, $50 cleanup deposit. Kyle to mark off on the calendar.

Pay Bills
Motion was made by Sue and seconded by Ray to approve paying bills and payroll on May 16, 2013 in the amount of $12,020.75 as presented. The motion carries.

June Meeting
As discussed by the board, the June Board Meeting to move to June 10th to 13th.

Treasurer?s Report
Reviewed reconciliations, check detail, motion to pay bills.

Sue motions to adjourn meeting. Mickey seconds.



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