2013 June 13 Agenda

Township of Wacouta – Monthly Board Meeting
June 13, 2013

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Approve Agenda
IV. Declaration of Conflicts
V. Old Business
a. Road Meeting
b. Graner Protective Light
c. Seeding of lawn between Town hall and Cemetery
d. Waste Management Pickup Day
e. County Crack Sealing
f. Jeri Reinhardt Cemetery Question for Marilyn Dartt Reinhardt
g. Goodhue County Land Use Management
i. Planning Advisory Meeting May 20, 2013.
h. Rockwell
i. Sweeping
VI. New Business
a. Town hall Reservations
b. Peregrine Falcon Presentation. 6/19 @ 7pm Town hall
c. State Demographic Center
d. MN. Assoc. Townships Officer List
e. MN Assoc. Townships Membership Cards
f. MN Assoc. of Townships Short Courses
g. HBC Fiber
h. MN Pera Authorization for Kyle
VII. Pay Bills
VIII. Treasurer?s Report
IX. Adjourn

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